What sort of cost?

Once upon a time ago I knew some football hooligans. Some of them are still mates. We don’t see each other that much these days because I cannot be arsed going to football grounds or pubs these days. Something I loved had the arse ripped out of it by wankers. I was more than likely one of the wankers.

I realised supporting a shit 3rd division team cost a fair amount of money that could be better spent elsewhere. Shit happens and you grow up. They are still my team in spite of all the pain.

20 odd years ago I used to spend a fair bit of time in Cambridge. Town not Gown. I have an endless selection of pubs I usually need to visit on any trip back there. One of the pubs that I used to go in back in the day was called the Hogs Head. It has a nice view out over Parkers Piece, a large park on the outskirts of the town centre. My usual local in that area would be the Prince Regent. Anyway…

Last August Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the career criminal, convicted fraudster and convicted hooligan with a spent football banning order decided to take his family out to Cambridge to visit the fair. He and his family met up with some friends and a good time was being had by all until massed ranks of police turned up. He filmed it and his mate Brian put it online for him

What Yaxley-Lennon doesn’t point out or make clear in his recent videos about the alleged abuse he and his family suffered is what else was happening around Cambridge on that day. Something simple like Cambridge United v Luton Town.

If you don’t know the area or football divisions this is a bit of a local derby and one of the more problematic games for the local police to do their job.

Now young Yaxley-Lennon or Tommy Robinson to use his stolen from a football hooligan pseudonym is suing the police for a reported £15k and was looking his unctuously smug best when he “served papers” in the video he released. Where I suspect he is going to have a bit of a problem is his history of football hooliganism, his use of the name of a Luton Town hooligan, his online shop he named after the Luton Town hooligan firm, his previous football banning order for Luton Town related football hooliganism and the general criminality he seems to revel in.

The worst thing about all of this is how he used his poor kids. A lot of people reading this won’t agree with my politics and that is fine but all you so called Football Lads out there known the score and the little publicity stunt he pulled with this.