Uncertainty over where and when ‘white pride’ rally will take place in Swansea.

Police at the last 'white pride' rally in Swansea.

Police at the last ‘white pride’ rally in Swansea.

POLICE are preparing for tomorrow’s “white pride” rally in Swansea — but it is not yet clear where it will be taking place or when.

Negotiations between organisers, the local authority and police about a venue for the event have failed — throwing the day into confusion.

The Evening Post understands the council offered organisers two possible venues — one at the former Felindre industrial site at junction 46 of the M4 motorway, and one in the SA1 docks area — neither of which were accepted.

However, it is understood that some form of rally will still go ahead — as will a counter-demonstration.

South Wales Police said they are aware of demonstrations planned for Swansea city centre on Saturday, and are putting an operation in place.

Superintendent Phil Davies said: “As you would expect, officers will be on duty to safeguard the right of the general public to go about their normal business and to ensure any demonstrations do not cause any serious disruption to the city centre.

“The policing of a similar event last year was very successful, with no arrests and no reported incidents of public disorder.”

Last year’s event saw around 60 white pride activists rallying on Swansea’s Museum Green outside the Waterfront Museum — where they were met by a crowd of more than 400 counter-demonstrators.

Saturday’s rally is being promoted on the National Front South Wales website as an event that “no white nationalist will want to miss”.

Unite Against Fascism Wales have called the rally “an affront to all those who want Swansea and Wales to remain a safe, diverse and cohesive community”, and have vowed to mobilise a large number of people to oppose it.

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