Toy town terrorists expose….BNP man

Not a "troll". Still, good work anyway...

Not a troll Still, good work anyway…

 When they are not robbing collection tins destined for retired or injured ex-servicemen and women, wannabe terrorists of the Combined Ex-Forces (CxF) are cut and pasting pictures of guns and tanks onto their internet pages and pretending they are pictures of the contents of their garages at home.

Just lately, they have been acting as chaperones for Nick Griffin’s BNP. What with Griffin’s security team deserting him, he’ll take any old idiot in a uniform.

In their quest to protect the BNP’s sub-standard security, Griffin has also entrusted the group with hunting down antifascists who expose the activities on line of BNP idiots.

So far so good. Here’s Scott Harwood from Sussex.

We can confirm he is Scott Harwood, a dedicated EDL member….

He’s also a member of the BNP

Sometimes one has to wonder how these idiots in CxF even tie their own laces in the morning…

Matthew Collins – Hope not Hate