Three arrests during far right demonstration

THREE people were arrested for minor offences during a far right demonstration in the North-East over the weekend.

Around 250 people attended the site of the new mosque in St Marks Road in Millfied at around 1.45pm, while anti fascist groups were involved in a counter protest slightly earlier.

At the English Defence League march, a 27-year-old man was arrested for possession of cannabis, a man aged 38 was arrested for threatening behaviour and a 16-year-old boy was arrested for a breach of the peace.

Northumbria Police has thanked residents for their co-operation during a busy period for the city.

Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth said: “We recognise the concern these demonstrations are having on the local community and would like to thank residents for their co-operation today.

“Extra officers have been in the city throughout the day to reassure people and ensure there was minimum disruption.

“Whilst the demonstration was peaceful, a minority of people who took part where spoken to by officers and required to remove items of clothing obscuring their faces. Three people where arrested for minor offences.

“We respect the right to peaceful protest and will facilitate this.”

Northern Echo