So what are they going to do now?

Even as I type I know the BNP’s spin machine is trying to paint a glossy picture of their election result in Rotherham tonight because the utterly hideous Marlene Guest managed to finish third in the poll. I doubt they will mention that their share of the vote went down from 10.4% in 2010 to 8.5% but it’s the truth.

It would be easy to explain the drop in their vote to the presence of UKIP and the recent publicity they have had but the figures don’t add up that way. This is the full result:-

Sarah Champion (Lab) 9,866 (46.25%, +1.62%)
Jane Collins (Ukip) 4,648 (21.79%, +15.87%)
Marlene Guest (BNP) 1,804 (8.46%, -1.96%)
Yvonne Ridley (Respect) 1,778 (8.34%)
Simon Wilson (C) 1,157 (5.42%, -11.32%)
David Wildgoose (Eng Dem) 703 (3.30%)
Simon Copley (Ind) 582 (2.73%, -3.58%)
Michael Beckett (LD) 451 (2.11%, -13.87%)
Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 261 (1.22%)
Paul Dickson (Ind) 51 (0.24%)
Clint Bristow (ND) 29 (0.14%)

Most of the UKIP vote has come from the Tories and Lib Dems and I suspect the English Democrats took away the most votes from the BNP. In some ways it’s a similar result to the Barnsley by-election from earlier this year.

The least surprising result of the night was the Independent EDL candidate getting 0.14% of the vote. Bristow was the organiser of the recent EDL demo in Rotherham and he has no idea just how pissed off the locals were about that. When you get to the point that the British Freedom Party don’t want you as a candidate because of your criminal record you perhaps should take a step back from mainstream politics. As it is, the EDL have recorded one of the lowest percentages I’ve ever seen. Well done.

In the Middlesbrough by-election the BNP managed to lose their deposit and they buggered off before the results were announced with their collective tails between their legs.

Andy McDonald (Lab) 10,201 (60.48%, +14.60%)
Richard Elvin (UKIP) 1,990 (11.80%, +8.10%)
George Selmer (Lib Dems) 1,672 (9.91%, -10.00%)
Ben Houchen (Cons) 1,063 (6.30%, -12.48%)
Imdad Hussain (Peace) 1,060 (6.28%)
Peter Foreman (BNP) 328 (1.94%, -3.90%)
John Malcolm (TUSC) 277 (1.64%)
Mark Heslehurst (ND) 275 (1.63%

In Croydon North the National Front put Richard Edmonds up as a candidate and he managed 0.7% of the vote and like the rest for the far-right candidates around the country, he really should not have bothered.