Silly season with the CxF Update

I only noticed this post from CxF this afternoon so I thought I would respond, rebuke some of their claims and hopefully put this to bed

The Antifascists have a total disregard for the Poppy Appeal, its victims and the British people.

John P is the admin/author who wrote a blog on a website called “Anti fascists online”. John went on to call this particular blog “Silly season is upon us once again”

John P who claims to of been a care worker caring for veterans of both World War Conflicts in his “younger days” isn’t too fond of the Poppy Appeal he says “I have come to loathe this time of year in much the same way I loathe the run up to a major football tournament.”

I also went on to say “I wear my poppy with pride out of respect for those people on the 11th November. I wear it out of respect for the millions of people who fought against the fascists”.

John P received a message “From a mate on Facebook” no I didn’t, somebody on Stormfront did and I included a screengrab and goes on to detail the abuse the youngsters received but quickly dismissed the claims as propaganda and lies by the young affected “Poppy Sellers”. He also claims to of spoke to the BBC reporter we spoke to (Alex Dibble) and insists he interviewed one of us yet there was no evidence to support our claims and it won’t be aired. John P didn’t detail the reporters name. We suspect John P didn’t speak to anybody at the BBC and if he did Alex Dibble must appoligise in light of the evidence.

I did speak to Alex and I’ve got no idea why he should apologise. CxF were interviewed and were bragging about the FACT that they would be on Radio Merseyside and I also contacted one of the news editors via email. Apologies for my terrible grammar in the email.

He then goes on to post pictures one of which was two of the campaigners at Merseyside Polices HQ on Paradise Street where we openly met with the Chief Superintendent and enlightened him to our intentions to go public and we wanted a peaceful result from the Police concerning the matter. John P mocked that we only knew too well where the police station was insisting were all criminals. Consider this, 2 members of the Antifascists were arrested with harmful explosive equipment on route to the counter demo in Liverpool on Saturday evening yet we know where they are as were the criminals? I know it makes very little sense.

The “Left” were in a frenzy all over facebook and other social networking sites insisting the story was all lies. Well we know these to be true because we actually get off our asses and speak to people before printing our stories unlike their countless lies and wild imaginations. John along with many Antifascists insisted it was a massive lie and everyone involved was lying including the Royal British Legion and the uniformed cadets.

I’ve done many many investigations into these sorts of claims over the years and most of them can be cleared up with a couple of phone calls and emails. One of the first places I usually contact is the press office or whoever is in charge of public relations. They usually have the ability to get straight to the root of the problem, collect clear and concise information and treat any info they release as a press release.

This is an email from Merseyside Police press office.

A 14 year old girl was assaulted and 3 15 year old lads were intimidated, bit of a strong subject to lie about. None of this of course comes as a shock to us as we are only too familiar with the Antifascists total disregard for the people of Britain and British tradition. They are against the establishment that enables them to flourish, they support Muslim peadophiles and they march hand in hand with the IRA. The Antifascists are oblivious to abuse of the British people because they sympathise and idolise abusers and turn a blind eye.

They have endless resources to print their lies while the public lap it up yet we refuse to stand by while the left flourish on grounds of lies and a blatant Anti British Philosophy and Cultural Marxism. {Ta La

There is absolutely no evidence that this incident took place. The Police say so, the BBC cannot stand the story up, the Daily Mail haven’t published the story, the Liverpool Echo wont touch the story. If something had happened as the CxF describe I’m sure the commanding officer of the cadets in question would have been straight on the phone to the police as would their families.