Silly season is upon us once again.

I have come to loathe this time of year in much the same way I loathe the run up to a major football tournament. Every year we get the same stories from the far-right and the right wing press about poppy sellers not being able to sell their poppies, about people not being able to fly their flags and school kids not being able to wear their England shirts to school.

Every year we get a media frenzy because some TV presenter isn’t wearing a poppy two weeks before Remembrance Day and as each year passes it’s getting as annoying as Xmas adverts in August.

Back in my younger days I was a care worker and cared for many people who had fought in both world wars and many people who had survived the Sheffield Blitz (the first blitz to target civilians and the social infrastructure of Sheffield according to recent research). I wear my poppy with pride out of respect for those people on the 11th November. I wear it out of respect for the millions of people who fought against the fascists.

This brings me onto today’s shenanigans with Combined ex Forces.

Yesterday evening, as usual at this time of year a story started doing the rounds about four cadets who were stopped from selling poppies in Liverpool. As usual the perpetrators were Muslims and as usual there was a racial element to the story.

From a mate on Facebook:

“What an absolute utter disgrace. i was in town today and stopped at the royal british legion poppy appeal display to talk to the ex servicemen. they related to me a most disgraceful story of an incident that took place in town on saturday. before i repeat what they told me i would like it to be known that i am not racist. on saturday a group of young army cadets where selling…
poppies in st. john’s precinct when they were rounded on by a group of pakistani/muslim market stall holders, who told them to stop selling poppies and to get out of the precinct because they were not welcome. the cadets refused and more of these so called market traders joined in and threatened the cadets with violence if they didn’t go. the security was called for and they told the cadets that they would have to leave the precinct. these so called security guards escorted the cadets from the precinct and on their way out a couple of the cadets attempted to use the toilets,
they were stopped and told to move on. i thought we lived in great britain where the selling of poppies is a symbol of remembrance to all those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars and subsequent theatres of war, ie, northern ireland, iraq and afghanistan. who the hell do these pakistani/muslims think they are to disgrace the british armed forces in such a vile way. it these same groupings who burn the union jack in our country and get away with it. whoever runs st. john’s precinct should hang their heads in shame to think that we have a vile, disgusting and violent mob portraying themselves as stall holders, whoever runs the market should through these individuals out and offer a full and meaningful apology to the army cadets and the royal british legion. filthty scum bags. oh by the way the ex servicmen told me that the local news media had been informed of this incident, and guess what they weren’t interested.”

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As usual, this got the far-right in a frenzy of indignation and the CxF decided it was their public duty to sort this problem out. Fact.

Their first port of call was to the market where the alleged incident happened on Saturday.

After their careful investigation the story has now expanded to include a physical assault on a 15 year old girl.

A delegation from Cxf and casuals united have descended on St. John’s market, Liverpool today after four 15 year old cadets were abused and assaulted by several Asian store holders for selling Poppy’s and being told to leave the market because there uniforms (British Army) offends us. One of the 15 year old girl cadets had her arms twisted up and thrown out by what we now believe after being here and speaking to the managers and the main poppy distributer within Liverpool that these men we now can confirm are all Muslims robes and all.

Next it was onto the Liverpool Echo where in their own words the reporter didn’t seem arsed once he new who we were .. But hope he proves us wrong we will see…

Now considering that the CxF were involved in the disturbance in Liverpool on Saturday night and have been targeting the Mayor of Liverpool since he was elected I’m not sure they would have been warmly received but they were fobbed off with Been informed we will have a reply of the mayor of Liverpool within 48 hours.

They continued their grand tour with a visit to Merseyside Police headquarters. I doubt they needed google maps to find the building considering how often they have been there before.

One bit of interest in that grab is the fact that they had contacted the Daily Mail about the story and the Mail are usually at the forefront of posting stories like this at this time of year. It also shows that they were determined to get heard.

So onwards they continue, this time to BBC Radio Merseyside.

Now this is where I started to get interested because it’s the first time anybody has taken their claims seriously and as they themselves say We will get heard… Abuse our cadets and you will get exposed…… Because of these photos which are genuine I contacted BBC Merseyside and eventually got through to the journalist who had dealt with the CxF. He did record a short interview with them but made it clear to me that it wouldn’t be broadcast as he was unable to find any evidence of the story being true from Merseyside police or other sources.

It looks like their voices won’t be heard again.