Shades of Jade

Jade at a Pie and Mash / Casuals United demo.

Seasoned Jade watchers noted with interest her sudden appearance with various far-right types at a South West Infidels / Pie & Mash organised demo in June last year. This was the first time she had been noticed away from the far-right music scene where she organises a couple of gigs per year.

Jade at a Blood and Honour gig.

Within the sewers of the far-right in the UK there are so many splits and factions it is possible to have more groups in attendance at a demo than people.

Casuals United first appeared around the same time as the EDL although they claim that they predate the EDL by several years. Over the years they have been gone under several names and their current guise is the Pie & Mash Squad. They think of themselves as the cream of the football firms fighting a street war. The reality is usually a bunch of coked up piss heads in randomly coloured Adidas trainers hurling abuse at passers-by.

Where P&M have had some success is little stunts like this that gains them a degree of respect from other groups that swim in the same sewers.

One of their more usual tactics is targeting people they think are vulnerable, usually women. In fact the main bloke behind Pie & Mash, Jeff Marsh (real surname Butler) was sentenced to 6 months after assaulting a woman who is active within the anti-fascist community. Further details can be found here
He also has a previous conviction for stabbing a couple of football fans.

Last year when Jade’s involvement started to become public knowledge to the wider anti-fash community a group put together a collection of data about her and her involvement in the far-right. You can read it here. Personally I’m not 100% convinced that it is all accurate but she certainly had involvement with the twitter and facebook accounts.

Jade and Maddison Dickens.

She also started appearing on one of their many WordPress websites…

and was happy to let Pie and Mash use her image to advertise one of their demos…

the same website that they use to target and harass people.

You are now getting a glimpse into Jade’s involvement with the far-right and I’m not even going to bother going into her musical links to the Blood and Honour and Grey Zone scenes. They are well documented elsewhere. What I will show is her VK.Com account (VK is a Russian version of Facebook) and some of the more interesting people she is connected with in the wider far-right around the UK and Europe.

This is her account.

These are some of the people on her friends list:-

Franz Grun – Real name Francesco Saverio Fontana. He is an Italian fascist paramilitary who has fought in the Ukraine as part of the far-right AZOV Battalion. He is one of the main recruiters in Western Europe and was at both White Man Marches organised by National Action.

David Cascabel – Real name David Czerwonko. Violent Polish neo-Nazi who found the headlines after nicking Eddie Izzard’s pink beret at a pro EU demo last year. Actively involved with National Action and Polish Fascist groups like N.O.P. He took part in an attack on a squat in London a few weeks ago and was recently refused entry back in to the UK.

Benjamin Raymond – Founder of the recently proscribed terrorist organisation National Action.

Diddyman – Real name Shane Calvert, currently in prison after being found guilty of violent disorder. Has a previous conviction for taking part in a mob attack on a musician who was on his way to play an anti-fascist fundraiser in Liverpool. Calvert, along with the rest of the North West Infidels have a long history of targeting people. In Calvert’s absence the NWIs are being run by Kevin Watmough, the bloke who set up and runs Redwatch.