Police make two arrests at Swansea’s “white pride” rally.

TWO arrests were made as the on-off so-called “white pride” rally took place in Swansea this afternoon.

There had been uncertainty in the build-up as to whether it would actually happen and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) officially called off its counter-protest on the basis that it was off.

But members of the group did take their place in an 80-strong show of strength – organised by Swansea Trades Council – that lined up in Castle Street across the road from around 40 flag-waving protestors who responded to a call from National Front South Wales.

In the shadow of Swansea Castle, with police lining the road in front, they exchanged noisy chants for an hour with the counter-protestors, who were also cordoned off from the top of Castle Square by a large police presence, with some officers on horseback.

The rally was drawing to a close when two counter-protestors appeared to break ranks and head towards the “white pride” contingent.

Police were quickly on hand and arrested both of them.

Superintendent Phil Davies said: “The policing of today’s White Pride event and a counter-demonstration in Swansea was very successful.

Two arrests were made for public order offences. The event caused no disruption to the city centre. The policing operation was proportionate and impartial and allowed peaceful protest.”

A UAF spokesman said: “It would have been a bigger protest if we knew that it was definitely going ahead. But we had a good multi-cultural turnout and I think they got the message across the road.”

South Wales Evening Post