Order 15

ORDER15 is a international Nationalist leaning society. with members in 11 countries. We believe most western nations have passed the tipping point and their societies irreversibly broken. Not all our members would consider themselves as Nationalists, but all with a firm understanding that preservation/advancement of the ethno European and the future establishment of ethno state is the foundation of our mission. There are literally thousands of societies all across the west with Millions of members many of which stay committed for life but as of yet not a single one of them is Nationalist orientated on a international level. Most of our members already hold membership with other Nationalist political or religious orgs and you can too.
What we practise and or advocate for.

1* ORDER15 advocates for and promotes for autonomous non-electoral, non-confrontational Nationalist societies to operate primarily in the best interests of its members, promoting and indulging in western culture & ideals. To the Study and in turn the teachings of Nationalist leaning philosophy, strategy, history, and future outlook. Our primary focus is on ourselves and our fellow members, where as the wider western society comes a somewhat distant second.

2* ORDER15 seeks to champion & establish an ethno state while realising that getting there even if possible will be some decades in the future perhaps even into the next century.

3* ORDER15 promotes the realisation that the majority of western states are lost and that Immediate focus should be shifted from traditional physical territories to building and perfecting organisational structure and replicating existing powerful organisations that work for their membership needs/wants by lobbying, networking, influencing or forcing a desirable outcome for the group or individual member.

4* ORDER15 aims to promote and teach self-reliance centred around Agrarian society ideals.

5*ORDER15 encourages procreation within the ethno-European communities and the research and investment in a future Ectogenesis & Eugenics program.

6* ORDER15 actively advocates classic European high culture and esthetics within our movement.

7*ORDER15 fosters and encourages a genuine blood-like bond between fraternity members, providing advice and assistance as much as reasonably possible. Most of us have lost close family and friends due our political beliefs, here within the society we strive to compensate and reward for that sacrifice.

8* ORDER15 recognises the need for, and encourages a “non mandatory” restoration of, spirituality in our members, be it Christianity, Odinism, or a yet unseen future ethno-European Religion

9* ORDER15 seeks to create an internal society currency and encourages barter between society members.

10* ORDER15 seeks to establish a foothold in the penal system, thus giving hope and redemption to those serving time.

11* ORDER15 advocates preparation for a major collapse scenario, financial or otherwise, and to learning and sharing survival skills within the fraternity for such an outcome.

12* ORDER15 seeks to investigate future tech that can be used for the betterment of our ideals and predict future trends in the possible outcome that there is no collapse, in order that we can adapt as a society and operate successfully on behalf of our members in a looming Ethno-European minority Western society.

13* ORDER15 seeks to establish training centres focusing on future technology, farming, religious studies, athletics, the sciences, and fine arts.

14* ORDER15 is constantly trying to improve ourselves as ethno-Europeans and society members by setting an example to the wider western society through nationalist compatible charity work and other such noble endeavours.

15* ORDER15 encourages its members to offer assistance to all Nationalist orgs be it electorally or otherwise. We aim to offer a warm and friendly non judgemental place for all nationalists regardless of organisation to build new friendships and alliances.