A FAR-RIGHT thug has been rejected as an Olympic security guard after his sick views were exposed by the Daily Star Sunday.

BNP activist George Crapper, who is linked to neo-Nazi groups, passed an interview stage with security giant G4S.

But after we contacted the firm, which has a £200million contract to protect the Games, it said he had been rejected for a role.

Crapper, 48, had spent two days training with the company earlier this month.

The Sheffield-born yob, who has protected BNP leader Nick Griffin, would have had unrestricted access to Olympic venues.

Crapper, who also goes by the name George Edwards, airs his racist thoughts on his Facebook page and blog.

He posted a picture of a plane flying into Mecca and wrote: “Any volunteers for the next pilot training hahahahahaha.”

In another rant the great grandfather, who also appears on “adult” escort sites, threatens to kill Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

Crapper has admitted being a member of neo-Nazi group CxF which made death threats to David Cameron.

Matthew Collins, of Hope Not Hate, said: “He could present a risk to athletes and visitors who do not fit into his warped sense of what the human race should look like.”

Crapper says he is not a racist because his stepdad was “Asian” and his brother’s dad “full African”.

G4S said it had not offered Crapper a job. A spokesman said all staff had to pass a “screening and vetting system” and get Home Office and Games clearance.

John Ward – Daily Star