(Not So) Secret Army…

Forget about the scenestealers-who’s that striking gentleman on the left?

No. It isn’t him.

With grateful thanks to John P.

The photo of friendly, jovial old Nick Griffin hugging that pair of young ninnys as they display their charming symbol of white supremacy, (or “That Photo” as it’s probably going to be known from now on) has certainly been of interest so far. By 9.30 this morning I’d already chatted to the Guardian and the Liverpool Echo, and I’ve just been told that even the BBC have put it on file.

It’s a mark of the generosity and consideration commonly shown by Griffin, and to his great credit, that he’s finally seen fit to take pity on the Nation’s picture editors and issue a replacement to the famous (but grainy and monochrome) “White Power” shot of the 1983.

But Griffin, his young friends and their unfortunate choice of banner are only a part of the story (as is the curious aspect of regularly attending anti – grooming demonstrations alongside someone thrown out of teaching for – erm – grooming behaviour) :

Who’s that striking figure to the left?

At first glance I assumed Bill Bailey had shaved his head and embraced the Dark Side, but no: It’s none other than George Edwards.

Edwards is a fine example of the calibre of those Stouthearted Yeomen who remain faithful to the Party since Griffin’s bold decision to rid the party of the Traitors, Reds, State Agents, Searchlight Spies and other dead wood who were holding the BNP back.

Not only is he available to turn out for demonstrations and leafleting, but he has even acted as security for the Great Father and associates, online, with a disproportionate number of members of the shadowy, elite “Combined Ex Forces” group.

Combined Ex Forces… Ah, yes…

Picture a crack paramilitary team – a stalwart band of brothers bound by unbreakable oaths of honour forged under fire in the heat of battle. A tightly-knit unit of the Nation’s Finest: Ready for action at a moment’s notice and ever-prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the service of Right and Nation.

Then again, you might just want to picture them for what they actually are…

A loose association of weirdos, Walter Mittys, inadequates, battle-traumatised misfits and assorted thugs who get off on wearing ad-hoc uniforms, posting astonishing drivel online and running around in the woods with air rifles.

Founded by ex-people traffiker (and wonderfully-monikered) Alan Hetherington-Cleverley and led until recently by his faithful oppo’ Mike Rafferty (who rejoiced in the fantasy title “Commanding Officer combined Exforces Worldwide”), “CxF”, (as they like to call themselves) are no-one’s idea of an elite military operation.

Although that’s unfair: Their mums probably think they all look very smart indeed in their pretend uniforms, when they’re playing at “parades”.


Not exactly “The Guns of Navarone”, then. Not even the vastly inferior “Force Ten from Navarone”. In fact, not even measuring up to the barely-tangible standards set by 1968’s “Attack on the Iron Coast”, this bunch of fantasising nana’s finest hours, to date, have been getting themselves and the massed ranks (or something that rhymes with it) of the EDL kettled at last year’s Remembrance Day commemorations (something about Field Marshall Rafferty posting on Facebook that they could always bring guns if it’d be helpful…) and smashing up a Turkish restaurant in Plymouth as an adjunct to top-level diplomatic negotiations with Tommy Robinson.

They are the very definition of “Loser”.

There was once a local “eccentric” who wore combat gear, claimed to have been in “a certain regiment – if you know what I mean…Hereford mean anything?” and carried a terrifying selection of knives at all times. He was eventually carted off and sectioned after brandishing a vibrator and shouting obscenities at mothers collecting their children from a nursery. Solidly racist, too: I’m guessing he’d be a prime recruit for Mr Cleverley’s secret army. (We also note, with some amusement, that he’s also a Facebook “Friend” of a local BNP bigwig. Something that may yet get an airing come Election Time.)

But what of Mr Edwards? He of the steely demeanour, iron will and imaginative grasp of written English? (Read his blog. If you can.)

I like to think of him as prime recruitment material for the CxF. Why, he could be the tungsten backbone of this clandestine force, this secretive team of doughty veterans, this latterday Armee des Ombres…

But no. The brave fighting elite that is the Combined Ex Forces regiment are missing a trick when they fail to snap up a potential high-level military operative like Edwards. Why, he even comes complete with a perfect, suitably low-key and impenetrable cover.

Click here, and just hope they think to send the Recruiting Sergeant up to Sheffield…