‘Nazi salute’ man jailed for breach of Asbo after being found asleep near Cambridge police station.

An ex-soldier, who was once jailed for using Nazi-style salutes and shouting racist abuse at an Asian family, found himself back behind bars for breaching an Asbo.

Neil Carpenter, of no fixed abode, was discovered sleeping near Parkside police station, Cambridge, with a can of unsealed alcohol next to him, putting him in breach of an order.

The 47-year-old appeared in court in 2012 for frightening members of the public while wearing a Nazi uniform.

Delia Matthews, prosecuting, said: “An Asbo had been made by North Essex police which dictated he must not be drunk in public places.

“At 9.30am on March 13, he was found lying on the ground on East Road, drunk, with a can of unsealed alcohol on him. This was the 10th breach of his Asbo.”

He pleaded guilty to being in breach of a public order when he appeared at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Monica Lentin, mitigating, said: “Mr Carpenter doesn’t have any money. He gets alcohol by scavenging rather than stealing to buy it.

“On the morning he was found by the police, he had been to report to the police station, which is why he was there so early.

“He was searched by police because they were told there had been a theft of diesel in the area. He has never resorted to drinking that.”

Due to Carpenter’s repeated breaches, he was given a 10-day prison sentence by magistrates.

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