Luton Remembrance service disrupted

Luton’s Remembrance Day service was disrupted when PCC candidate Kevin Carroll allegedly objected to Green Party campaigner Marc Scheimann laying a wreath of white peace poppies.

It’s a tradition Mr Scheimann has carried out for 24 years in memory of his German and British grandfathers who died on opposite sides in World War Two.

The disabled father-of-one was forced to throw himself over the wreath to protect it from a woman demonstrator who attempted to remove it.

He said: “Kevin Carroll waved a clenched fist at me and my four-year-old son and started shouting aggressively.

“He called me a scumbag and said when he was police commissioner he would make sure I went to jail for this.”

A bystander described what happened as “an absolute disgrace. I’ve never experienced anything like it in the 48 years I’ve been going to the Cenotaph.

“It shows no respect for the men who never came back, who gave their lives for our freedom.”

The Luton News has tried to contact Kevin Carroll but he has not responded to our messages.

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