Longton man racially abused Asian staff member at Lightwood school over relative’s ‘inappropriate’ hair cut.

ANGRY Timothy Ward racially abused an Asian member of staff at a school – after one of his relatives was sent home for having an ‘inappropriate’ haircut.

The 48-year-old had been drinking when he flew into a rage and challenged staff at Belgrave St Bartholomew’s Academy, in Lightwood.

During last month’s incident, Ward then abused a member of staff from Pakistan.

Now Ward, of St Clair’s Street, Longton, has written a letter of apology to the school and admitted racially abusing the worker.

Prosecutor John Peel told North Staffordshire Justice Centre: “Mr Ward became angry when a family member was sent home because of a haircut. The defendant went to the school where the staff explained that the boy’s haircut was against school regulations. They say Mr Ward was being very bolshy and pushing papers to them.”

The court heard Ward then racially abused the employee in the incident on February 3. Mr Peel added: “He said he didn’t mean to be racist because his best friend is from Pakistan.”

The court heard Ward is remorseful for his actions.

Lucy Taylor-Grime, mitigating, said: “He has been diagnosed with a personality disorder, he’s on quite a lot of medication, and the medication, mixed with alcohol, just does not work.

“He did have a drink on the day in question, but he has indicated that one of the reasons why he was so frustrated about the incident was that the boy’s hair had been cut that way since January.

“He accepted using the words he used, but claims it wasn’t meant in a racist way.

“He says it is no excuse for his actions but he was frustrated. He has now written a formal letter of apology to the school and he did that himself.

“He is remorseful for his actions.”

Ward pleaded guilty to using racist language and threatening behaviour when he appeared in court. He was fined a total of £215.

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