Llama harmer to make an ass of the law?

Snowy: Britian's premier racist Llama killer

Snowy: Britain’s premier racist Llama killer

Having kept a low profile since the outrage that surrounded the death of animals in his care, John “Snowy” Shaw has issued a statement to his dwindling band of supporters suggesting that his group “The Infidels of Britain” are considering suing the police in Merseyside.

It refers to the 25 people arrested last month when the gang tried to attack a march in Liverpool.

“Snowy”, always the first to ensure that others get arrested, describes the day as “in cricket terms I’d say we got a winning draw that day”. Twenty five racists arrested is a good result. Got to say, I concur with him on that.

“Snowy” then writes “we have been in contact with a human rights solicitor about the actions of Merseyside police and its officers on that day. It is looking like we may have a case to take legal action against them, so we need everyone that was arrested that’s willing to take this forward to message the page so we can get all the days events recorded for any future hearing”.

So, for the record, here is that picture of “Snowy” Shaw sneaking out of the pub on the day 25 of his comrades were being arrested.

What money on the “Human Rights Lawyer actually being one of the BNP’s notorious and unqualified ambulance chasers?

Matthew Collins – Hope not Hate