Kevin Carroll makes a complete fool of himself

Kevin Carroll was lurking around

Kevin Carroll was lurking around

Today is Remembrance Sunday and all over the country people are remembering the those who died in wars. Most of these events are solemn and dignified but not so in Luton this morning where Kevin Carroll, deputy leader of the English Defence League, made a complete fool of himself in a desperate bid to get some positive publicity ahead of Thursday Police and Crime Commissioner elections in which he is standing for the British Freedom Party.

Here is an account which was sent in to me from one of our supporters:

This morning at Luton’ Remembrance Day Parade Kevin Carroll was lurking around, as expected.

At a quiet moment he shuffled forward and joined the party of veterans and representatives of the cadet forces. They clearly had no idea what he thought he was doing. The parade commander challenged him but he was adamant he’d be laying his wreath.

The image of the quiet dignity of the former personnel who fought fascism and Carroll remonstrating was pretty striking.

Anyway, he got to present his little wreath, but was now stuck in the middle of the service personnel crowd! What to do?! Cue nervous, furtive eyes and lots of looking around, trying not to look like a complete idiot.

All attempts at a dignified exit were scuppered however when the parade was called to attention and he was forced to.. march off with it! Suffice to say, he couldn’t, much to the amusement of the crowd.

After a hundred yards or so, he managed to find an exit strategy. He stopped to instruct the police (he obviously thinks he runs them already) to prevent a disabled man who had laid the same white wreath for the last twenty years, from doing so.

Remarkably, he the man was actually stopped by officers, who took his name and address in front of his four year old son, who was distressed and couldn’t understand (like us) what his dad had done wrong.

As I left, Carroll was remonstrating with senior police officers, as he was obviously disappointed that the chap wasn’t being extraordinarily rendited to a nation with a sketchy human rights record. He was being filmed by one of his acolytes, so expect that to turn up on YouTube some time soon.

I don’t know what all the other PCC candidates were doing, but I do know where Olly Martins was. A serving territorial who has recently returned from a UN peacekeeping mission, he was on parade with his unit in Central Beds.

Nick Lowles – Hope not Hate