David William Peter Kirby

John Collins (Freddy)

Wojtek Wu (Wojtyła)

Steve Dennis
Works at Drummer

Studied Fighting Back at Oi the college
Lives in Teignmouth

John Harris

Reinhard Gallaher (Mr Rude)

David Tickle

Val Lorraine Drury (herewegoagain)

Micki Hebburn
Single · Male
Listens to Snow Patrol

Micheal Patrick Reilly

Damien Pearce
Single · Male · Interested in Women
Listens to HELLYEAH

Sarah Hebden

Renato Zedde (Liguria Skins)
Works at Genoa

Paul George Eason
In a relationship · Male

Mark Wolf

Sean Crozy
In a relationship with Shell Lee since October 17, 2015

Jay Whiteman
Former Chemist at IG Farben
Studied Mechanical Engineering at Highlands College Jersey ’88

Dazza Millasback
Single · Male · Interested in Women

Ainar Skald

Tate Taylor
1 mutual friend: Graham Saxby

William Max Foster (W M F)

Floriana Lusetti (Flo)

Garry Eaves

J Andrew Presteleia (cowboy sexpirate super jon)

Fábio Marabá