IM statement

The following is an official IM statement on the recent events that we, myself and other IM administrators and coordinators, had compiled after examining the situation. It is very important that you all read this carefully.

There are absolutely no words to express what has happened, it was a complete tragedy. Our deepest sympathies are with all Atomwaffen supporters, especially the survivor, Odin, who is currently in police custody, and to the families of the two young men, Jeremy and Andrew who lost their lives.

We are writing this statement for several purposes but first we are to address the misleading nature of the reporting and shed further light on what we now know, but for clarity our assertions are;

  • We are not here to place the blame on anyone and such measures are counter productive. This was a horrific attack that has left a deep scar on all those concerned in it. Nowhere will this ever be allowed to happen again.
  • No surrender to system tools. You are scum, you are not human, we hate you all, we will detail your disgusting crimes against National Socialists.
  • This is a full disclosure, nobody on IM has anything to hide regarding this incident.
  • The member known as Odin and the two men slain are completely innocent of any accusation that the group conducted or advocated, or planned for terrorist acts – something they all rejected. The filthy lying media have been deliberately distorting police reports in order to punish and publicly shame those who have been nothing but the victims in this incident or who are not alive to defend themselves.
  • We 100% support our friend Odin and we are thinking of him a lot.
  • IronMarch endorses Atomwaffen but we are separate entities, do not directly conflate one with the other. Everyone knows that IM is neither a movement, nor does it have any control over, or is aware of the actions of any movement we endorse – we are foremost a place of learning, and as such we provide these groups with educational materials, advice if it is asked for, and a platform for their voice.
  • IronMarch banned Devon’s account when it became known he converted to the terrorist ideology of Islam and we did everything we reasonably could to try and have him removed from the organization. We object in the strongest possible terms that he was in any way ‘representative’ of IM or it’s ethos.
  • We have good reason to believe that the attacker, Devon, planned this attack with other fellow coreligionists, and his ambitions to murder AW members far exceeded this tragic event. All Muslims have been isolated and ejected from the group, and appropriate measures taken for the safety of those facing a reasonable threat.
  • We are thankful to all of those who were brave enough to express their condolences, it has been genuinely appreciated.

As the older users here are aware, Devon is a former IM user and AtomWaffen member. For the newer users: while Odin was in basic training Devon tried to assert more control in the group and this was around that time he started to obnoxiously annoy people with islamic crap that grew in severity, at first this was ignored as trolling, but then it became so prevalent and with a repeating pattern (trying to “trick” people into saying the shahada for example) that some of us, including myself, had confronted him about it to get a straight answer out of him on his behavior. He said that he was entirely serious and genuine about having converted to Islam and that everything he was saying was serious. He launched into a tirade about how Europe was getting what it deserved, how the mass rape of European women was a good thing and he claimed that he was aiming to turn AW into a muslim organization altogether and would convert Odin to join him and that he would get in contact with ISIS and his bosnian friends would give him a child bride. He was immediately banned from IronMarch after that conversation. He would later try to cover for these statements by claiming that the latter of them were some kind of ‘joke’ or ‘prank’, however at that stage I personally regarded him as absolutely untrustworthy.

I contacted some people in AW and advised them to start a separate communication network, one that would exclude Devon and anyone else who were under his thumb, so that they could effectively isolate him and curb any plans he had in mind. He did catch wind of this and convinced most all AW members that this was some attempt by me to divide and conquer AW and take it for myself or some retarded shit like that. This resulted in a lengthy thread here on IM which was deleted after its conclusion. A lot of people who should have known better defended Devon, regurgitating his claim that he was only memeing and pranking us about everything EXCEPT his conversion to Islam. At that point IM temporarily cut ties with AW until Odin’s return.

When Odin found out what his friend had done he was furious and promised to put everything right. All of us who confronted Devon talked to Odin but what everyone have to understand about Odin is that he has a very good nature, he is very trusting of others and is extremely loyal to his friends. He caved in saying that Devon is his friend from childhood, they’re close and that this was just some autistic phase Devon was going through, as he had in the past.

Devon had already dabbled in Islam once, but dropped it because he got the hots for some Mexican girl and was obnoxiously autistic about it in conversations with people as well. Then he had returned to Islam, this time, evidently, as a very devout Muslim who prayed five times a day and dedicated himself to thorough study of its history and laws.

Fast forward to the recent events; Odin, Devon, Jeremy and Andrew, were renting a condo together. While Odin was out at work, Devon murdered the other AW members in cold blood and then took a nearby smoke shop hostage to demand media attention. He then took the police back to the house where Odin, dressed in his uniform, had already discovered his two comrades dead, he was described as being in a distressed state. What is very crucial in all of this is that Devon claimed to have explosives in the building so the place was searched and Odin was also arrested.

In the articles so far released it has been reported that Devon told the police he killed them because they insulted his faith. Myself and others now believe that Devon was, in fact, plotting all along to kill all leading members of the group, and that was the sole reason he was in the organization. He was planning to kill Odin as well. It was an organized plan that included his clique of convert-muslim retards in the AW ranks. They were going to participate at a planned summer gathering of AW members that included going to a gun range, which is where they would have opened fire on all the AW members and the family of one of the members. This would have been a very powerful and symbolic message to all these American patriotard militias who think they are just ‘so safe’ and ‘so tough’.

Since Devon was arrested, his clique made statements to the effect of them praying for his well-being and how he did nothing wrong because our two dead brothers were nothing more than “filthy kafirs”.

After all of this came to light AW had purged Devon’s clique of muslim-convert buddies from their ranks. In my personal opinion it makes the most sense that the two dead AW members had discovered Devon’s ploy and confronted him about it or were pushing the issue of his expulsion from the movement – feeling cornered he killed them and then surrendered to the police so that he could spin them some tall tales in order to blame all of AW and take it down with him that way.

We have all been shaken by these events and the revelations that came with them. The more information came in the more surreal it was becoming. Obviously tensions were high for the last few days and most don’t know how to really react to this situation or how to make heads or tails of it.

Let there be no mistake about this: this was not an act of betrayal. We are not talking about traitors, we are talking about a deranged scumbag, whose tendencies were fed and further developed by his conversion to Islam, who had infiltrated a National Socialist group with the explicit purpose of destroying it from within in the name of his heretical “faith”. I think I can safely say that this is a unanimous sentiment of every single member of our fraternity, that this deranged scumbag and his little harem of converts deserve death. One can hope that Devon will get the death penalty, however he might be actively trying to mitigate it to a life sentence in exchange for whatever bullshit he is telling them to sink AW and Odin with him. The only person in this situation who has been truly betrayed is Odin, who had placed his trust into this person based on their long term familiarity, totally unaware of his “friend’s” true intentions.

The media narrative seems to be that this Islamic terror attack is irrelevant and they have found some neo-nazi terror ring. Odin, they are alleging, had explosives but this is misleading. Odin apparently gave an interview defending himself to the FBI, in such a situation someone like Odin would know not to do this if he was going to lie and instead take the 5th. If you read the article he has only been questioned on a vat of dried powder that he claims is fuel for a science project from years ago. The chemistry is legit, and they don’t have a case there. “Nuclear materials” has also been discussed – Odin is a STEM major in Nuclear physics, these were basically science toys, nothing at all to write home about.

An amount of bomb making materials was also recovered in a package and because it had Odin’s name on the front this has been taken at face value totally ignoring what happened. Personally I am inclined to think the bomb making materials belonged to the fucking Muslim who told the police he had a bomb!

For anyone who doesn’t know what Atomwaffen is, they are people who know what they are doing can cause problems, they are a far-right activist group and know full well that they cannot afford to engage in even legal and recreational pyrotechnics. I was personally assured that they took this very seriously. Look at the profiles of the people involved – people with a life, careers, families, girlfriends. These were good people. If the police do decide to work with this Islamic scum against essentially three young men who were willing to put on a uniform for a country that hates them it should serve as a serious wake up call to armed forces personnel.

Something else that needs to be addressed is the decision of some people to exploit this situation to attack IM and AW. Hopefully the “I told you so” crowd, that has been salivating over this travesty that cost the life of two of our comrades, have sobered up since their initial reaction and came to their senses. However, those who will persist in their gloating should be aware that it makes all the more clear to us and everyone else who are not constipated in the head, to those who instead came to express their condolences and grief over the loss of our brothers, exactly where you stand in the face of such events, what your real worth is. May that revelation of your true character haunt you wherever you go and claim to fight the same fight as us.

We would also like to remark the more than predictable reaction of the lemming crowd to the murder of our comrades:

None of us here on IronMarch knew Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneshuk, however they very well might have saved the lives many more lives from this Muslim terror plot by an unhinged, duplicitous scumbag. This was a tragedy that could have been avoided, but they died as heroes who stood for their brothers – we salute them and honor their memory. We offer our condolences to their families and friends, and we encourage all comrades worldwide to donate to the Jeremy Himmelman funeral fund.

What we must do now is make sure that their act is neither forgotten nor wasted, and do everything we can to prevent Devon from taking another one of our brothers from us, who is now held hostage by the System. The System and its media lapdogs are actively trying to paint this unprecedented event, a Muslim terror attack against National Socialists, as them “exposing” a supposed “neonazi terror ring”, staging a witch hunt against the victims of this tragedy. These lies will not stand.

The only just outcome in all of this, is for Odin to be released, cleared of all charges, and for Devon and his posse to face the death penalty – nothing else will do.

The harder the storm rages against us, the clearer will all see our banner – SIEG HEIL!