How to tell the Walker brothers apart.

With the guilty plea that Adam Walker entered yesterday at Durham Crown Court for charges of dangerous driving, threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour, possessing a bladed article and three counts of criminal damage I thought it might be an idea to show the differences between Adam and his brother Mark.

After all they have so much in common it can be tricky telling them apart.

Both served in the armed forces, both were high ranking members of the BNP, both are high ranking officers of the BNP’s union – Solidarity, both worked as teachers, both left teaching under a cloud, both slept with… actually I’ll leave that there for now.

This is Mark Walker.

Mark Walker BNP

In 2010 and 2011 Mark was deemed as suitably photogenic and wholesome by the BNP and he allowed his family to be used in much of the parties election materials.

Mark Walker and family in a BNP Leaflet

Mark Walker and family in a BNP leaflet

Unfortunately what the BNP deliberately ignored was the fact the Mark Walker had been sacked from his job as a teacher because of a highly inappropriate relationship with a pupil.
This news article is from a few months before the last general election.

In November last year I received the General Teaching Councils report and findings from their Professional Conduct Committee about Mark Walker and his conduct. If you have the time it’s well worth a read and you can find it here.

The first finding was:-
1. conducted an inappropriate e-mail exchange with a 16 year old former pupil of the school at which you were a teacher;

We find the facts proved. We have heard evidence that the pupil concerned left school in June 2006.

We have been presented with an email exchange that began on 14 July 2006 and continued until April 2007. We have heard evidence that the pupil concerned was particularly vulnerable as she had psychological problems and that staff had been made aware of this in April 2006.

Mr Walker admits that he engaged in an email exchange with the pupil concerned and that this exchange was inappropriate.

Mr Walker refers to ‘one suspect email’.

However, the Committee has noted that the language used in several of the emails was highly inappropriate.

In particular, we noted emails which contained the terms ‘I124Q’ and ‘12KU’.

Despite Mr Walker’s assertion that the email containing the former phrase was not read by the former pupil, he sent a further email containing this term and drawing attention to it, to which the pupil responded.

We have also taken into account the fact that Mr Walker told the pupil that he hoped that she was deleting the emails, which confirmed that Mr Walker knew what he was doing was inappropriate and that this was to be hidden from her parents.

We also note with concern that the emails were sent using the school computer, with some of them being sent during teaching time.

I124Q is code for I want to Fuck You. Not really what a 36 year old in a position of responsibility should be sending a vulnerable 16 year old.

This is Adam Walker.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Adam Walker, when he isn’t trying to run kids over is the National Organiser of the BNP. He is also a former teacher who resigned after posting inflammatory comments online whilst in the classroom. The General Teaching Council cleared him of racial and religious intolerance. A decision which even the Tory Education Minister – Michael Gove said was clearly wrong. The GTC was abolished a week later.

Adam is very proud of his military service and seems to have a deep affection for Japan. So deep that he went to Japan on VJ Day in 2010 to pay homage to the Japanese “war heroes” at a nationalist shrine. You can read the story here

As it stands at the moment Mark Walker no longer works for the BNP and Adam will be very lucky to avoid a jail sentence

Here is a picture of the brother in arms together in happier times.