Griffin’s feathers ruffled

As 2014 approaches, the far-right in this country is preparing for one last assault on the electorate.

The British National Party (BNP), still feel themselves to be the great white hope. They feel it so much, they’ve even come up with re-inventing the wheel in their dire plan to get people to vote for them.

Meanwhile, Britain First (BF), the civil-war predicting financial spin-off from the BNP were apparently none-too happy that we broke it here first that they are to stand against Nick Griffin in his North West constituency at the European elections.

Old Jim Dowson and his boy wonder, side-kick and envelope licker Paul Golding, would do well to actually register their party with the electoral commission first before inviting hacks to attend their campaign launch over a buffet lunch in some tatty Manchester hotel next month.

Paul Golding: From Golden boy to sandwich boy

Dowson has by all accounts got Golding to go down to the Co-op to buy some crab paste and sandwich spread in preparation for providing a buffet at the launch. Rumour is however, that the BNP may well try and gate-crash the event to get back some magazines that Golding did not return and to also overdose on any Tizer being served at the event.

Yes, it’s true; Nick Griffin was none too happy with the news and has demanded that the BNP on the ground in Manchester in particular, ruffle a few of Dowson’s feathers.

One source tells us that Britain First and Dowson may actually be benefiting from some finances provided by businessmen in Northern Ireland to unseat Griffin.

The other BNP spin-off, the none too financially viable British Democratic Party (BDP), seem less than interested in the elections themselves. Their President, Andrew Brons, a sitting MEP formerly with the BNP, is intending to go to a Nazi shinding in Tennessee instead of hanging around to return his keys to the European Parliament.

Brons is speaking at the American Renaissance conference in April, purely another stunt to get up Griffin’s nose and to also avoid having to listen to party Chairman Kevin Scott, drone on in a regional accent that Brons apparently finds “detestable”.

2014 could well see more than just Peter Molloy questioning Griffin’s value to the cause…

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