Fascist drug gang threaten London demo

Infidel leader "Snowy": Convicted animal and substance abuser

Infidel leader Snowy: Convicted animal and substance abuser

The notorious gang of drug dealers and animal abusers who split from the EDL to go by the name of the “Infidels” claim they will be holding a demonstration against a proposed Mosque in East London, later this month.

Although it is unlikely to go ahead, a number of the gang were in London today sniffing around a site in Newham that they claim is being used illegally as a place of worship.

Their demonstration is planned for 10th November, but it is unlikely to go ahead in the style of EDL demonstrations. The group are more keen on performing cheap publicity stunts like sitting on roofs after consuming large quantities of drugs and alcohol.


Demonstration: unlikely they'll get out alive..

Demonstration: unlikely they’ll get out alive..



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