Far-right round up

Adam Walker: Very important BNP member

Adam Walker: Very important BNP member


An interesting week as ever. John Snowy Shaw finally surfaced on a Nazi website (where else?) to give his side of the story concerning the death of livestock on his farm.

According to “Snowy” it was not his fault. No, it was a case of a greedy horse, the police, potentially his wife and most certainly a teenager who he refuses to name because after all, that would just not be cricket. So, there you have it. I guess he’s back on the list for dog-sitting again when I’m next on holiday.

The BNP and their debts were back in the news (not that they seemed to mention it themselves) as the BNP leader Nick Griffin and his daughter Jennifer both gave evidence to a court in Cumbria. We’ll be commenting on this later of course.

Instead of their debts and criminality, the BNP preferred to bang on and on about Paedophiles. Only the “Muslim” variety of course. Is there any other party in this country with a higher percentage of convicted paedophiles in their ranks than the BNP? It’s highly unlikely. Or murderers? No, of course not.

When it comes to the BNP’s paedophiles and murderers, they go absolutely silent on the subject. Their silence on the subject of their own dirty and shameful business, is deafening.

No point in guessing whether the BNP will be making mention of their party manager’s appointment on July 2nd. Adam Walker is due to face Durham Crown Court over another incident allegedly involving children. So far, silence on this too.

We’ve felt even more important than usual during the past week. Having exposed the criminal past of the British Freedom Party’s proposed Croydon Organiser, we had no fewer than three missives from the party thanking us for our diligence. Despite being full to burst with criminals, liars, thugs and football hooligans, it seems Charlotte Lewis was just a step too far for the EDL’s political wing.

The Leader of the Labour Party then shocked us all this morning by mentioning the “c” word in a speech. Apparently the working class are suffering by wages being driven down by immigrants. All you captains of industry out there can now breath a sigh a relief. It’s the immigrants and not you driving creating in this country.

That was sarcasm by the way.

Matthew Collins – Hope not Hate