Far-right round up

"No" to Mosques:"Yes" to tattoo parlours

“No” to Mosques:”Yes” to tattoo parlours

According to the EDL’s pre-publicity, the whole world was going to hear today about the plight of their leader, Stephen Lennon.

Sadly for them, not even Lennon could hear them while they were stood outside HMP Wandsworth today. It’s fair to say the game is up for the EDL’s leader and potentially his next trip to the United States will be in the company of police officers dropping him into the loving arms of Homeland Security.

One of the seven or so EDL splinter groups also made it to London today, but sadly for the English Volunteer Force, we were waiting for their camera shy followers and their plans to demonstrate outside the home of Abu Qatada were scuppered once they were informed he had been moved some ten days ago. More on these super-brains later..

Nick Griffin launched his own version of the EDL yesterday, ingeniously calling the new group of ‘vigilantes’ the “White Tigers”! I’m not sure which BNP super-brain came up with that idea. My money is on Clive “Rodney” Jefferson with the help of a whole bottle of White Lightning.

Griffin’s not letting up on his plan to conquer and lead what is left of the EDL, and he knows he has a real fight on his hands now that Jim Dowson has made the early running.

With the Southend demonstration approaching, Dowson appears to be fighting the BNP and the EDL’s political wing the BFP, on all fronts.

Not to be out-done, this afternoon’s attack on a meeting of the British Democratic Party (formerly known as True Brits) was not as claimed the work of Hope Not Hate’s office staff, but more than likely the result of the BNP tipping-off local antifascists where the meeting was being held. Allegedly.

Griffin has also upset the gang of deserters that go by the name of “CxF”. Apparently the two groups are tiring of each other’s lies and antics already. I guess those fund raising booze and cigarette cruises to Brussels at the tax payers expense are not going to happen now, then?

And finally, John Snowy Shaw could not be found in Ayr today, where his group were supposed to be peddling drugs to locals there. Perhaps people should look for him in the latest disguise Special Branch has assigned him.

Free Mr Anon: Justin Bieber need not panic

Free Mr Anon: Justin Bieber need not panic

Dowson troubles: On and on it goes..

Dowson troubles: On and on it goes..

John "Snowy" Shaw: Will do anything for cash

John “Snowy” Shaw: Will do anything for cash

EVF: swapped a race war for a bus tour

EVF: swapped a race war for a bus tour

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