FA to investigate ‘antisemitism’ at Lazio game

Two extreme right-wing football fans have been charged with attempted murder, following the attack on British Spurs supporters at a pub in Rome last night.

Francesco Ianari, 26, and Mauro Pinnelli, 27 – both Roma supporters and known as Ultras – have been charged , despite widespread reports that the attack was committed by right-wing Lazio fans.

Around 50 thugs, armed with knives, knuckledusters and wrenches, chanted antisemitic slogans at the “Jews” during the attack on the group of Tottenham fans having a drink in the city’s pub.

Nine people were injured in the attack that is believed to be racially motivated. Police arrived at the scene within 10 minutes of the attack.

A Spurs spokesperson said: “We are aware of the media reports alleging antisemitic chanting at last night’s fixture and await the findings of the UEFA Match Delegate’s report.

“We understand from local police that nine of our supporters suffered injuries on Wednesday evening following an incident in the city centre. Three of these supporters were taken to hospital for further treatment.

“We continue to seek further information and are liaising with both Italian and UK police on this matter.”

A Spurs fan is being kept in a hospital in Rome, after he was attacked by the group chanting antisemitic slogans at 1am this morning.

Ashley Mills, 25, from Brentwood, Essex, was treated for head injuries and a severed artery at the San Camillo hospital after the attack at a pub in Campo de Fiori square.

Raffaele Ranucci, a senator in Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party, said the attack was laced with: “antisemitic, racist and Fascist connotations”.

The attack occurred before the Europa League game between Lazio and Spurs. During the game, Lazio fans reportedly chanted “Juden Tottenham” and held up pro-Palestinian banners.

The FA will provide UEFA with an urgent report on the antisemitic chants that took place during the Lazio v Tottenham game.

Tottenham holds a strong Jewish fan base, with slogans including “Yid Army”.

According to AFP, Lazio chairman Claudio Lotito said: “These kinds of acts must always be condemned but from the information we currently have it is not clear this assault is the work of Lazio fans.”

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