Exclusive – Loyalist Thug’s Court Shame

WEIRDO: John ‘Snowy’ Shaw was done for cruelty to animals

THIS IS the UDA-linked leader of ‘the north west infidels’ who led an antiIrish protest last week.

John ‘Snowy’ Shaw is the man behind the notorious EDL breakaway group – but we can also reveal he’s also a sick animal abuser.

Last week he led his band of football hooligans and racists on a march through Liverpool.

Shaw tried to hide from the cameras but was spotted by anti-fascists as his group confronted hundreds of marchers from the James Larkin Society, who were holding their annual parade.

Shaw’s mob claim the anti-fascist march was harbouring members of the Real IRA.

The two sides confronted each other and traded insults for two hours separated by hundreds of police who managed to keep a lid of the tinderbox scene.

But Shaw wasn’t just hiding his face from the event he is also hiding the shameful truth that he’s now a convicted animal abuser.

Shaw, 41, was convicted in court last month of starving five llamas to death on his Yorkshire farm.

Shaw had the audacity to claim he couldn’t afford to feed the animals.

Yet as our picture shows he has plenty of cash to jet over to Northern Ireland to attend loyalist parades.

Last summer we revealed how Shaw – who plays the drum in an English ‘kickthe-pope’ band – visited Ulster again to take part in an Apprentice Boys parade in Derry.

While here he went on long boozing sessions as he rubbed shoulders with UDA members.

But the smirking anti-Islamist told a court in England this week how he hadn’t enough cash to feed the deprived animals.

Harrogate magistrates heard five of Shaw’s llamas died, while the other animals were found in an emaciated state in a frozen field on the outskirts of Knaresborough.


The animals were discovered in February, with scant grazing, an empty ring-feeder and dilapidated shelter.

Shaw, of Littondale Avenue, Knaresborough, said he could not afford to feed them.

He pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering leading to death and two counts of not providing a suitable diet and failing to protect the llamas from pain, suffering and disease.

He was jailed for 12 weeks, suspended for a year, and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work, with £3,050 costs, and given a 10-year ban on keeping animals.

Matthew Collins from anti-fascist group Hope-Not-Hate says Shaw has spent a fortune travelling the UK to spread his message of hate.

“When he’s not doing roof top protests or holding provocative marches and empty demonstrations in the north of England or the streets of Scotland, Snowy also likes marching with a loyalist flute band in Yorkshire,” says Collins.

“He also likes popping over to Derry and Belfast where he likes to swagger around like he is the cock of the north, drinking lagers and having his photograph taken in front of murals.

“The average cost of a flight from Manchester to Londonderry or Belfast, is around £100 if you book early.

“It is our estimate, that in the last twelve months on travel alone, John ‘Snowy’ Shaw will have easily spent way over £1500 on trains, boats, petrol and planes.”

The pathetic hate campaigner split from the notorious EDL after a fall out with leader Tommy Robinson.

Shaw was once charged along with Ulster EDL leader Leon McCreery for a bizarre anti-Muslim rooftop protest in Dudley, West Midlands but the charges were later dropped.

Leon is the son of murdered UDA thug Leonard McCreery and nephew to former Manchester United star David McCreery.

The dozy pair scaled the roof of a disused factory in Dudley with provocative banners stating ‘No to the Burka’ and ‘No Mosque’.

The Sunday World recently revealed how Shaw was desperately trying to get loyalist paramilitary groups involved in his violent anti-immigration campaign.

And Shaw showed his true sectarian colours in a letter to far-right followers when he described EDL leader Robinson as a “little Fenian bastard” a “ginger fenian (sic) c***” and a “leprechaun ****”.


Interviewed in 2010 before he left the EDL, Shaw told how he had wanted to previously come to Northern Ireland as a member of the British army as a teenager, but the ‘hard man’s’ mother had stopped him joining the army as she was scared he would be hurt if he came to Northern Ireland.

Not long after the interview, Shaw was ejected from the group after a minor power struggle and reinvented himself as a self-style paramilitary “antiJihadist” and rival to the EDL’s leadership.

Since then Shaw has been playing on the fact that the EDL leader has Irish roots to plant sectarian tensions in the bully boy outfit.

Shaw has even started playing the drums in the Yorkshire based “Leeds Crown Defenders” loyalist flute band and now rubs shoulders with English UDA chief Frank Portinari.

Steven Moore – The Sunday World