Exclusive: Griffin’s former ‘Golden Boy’ to launch rival Euro election bid

Some bad news for Nick Griffin, the BNP’s leader and MEP for the North West region.

His former apprentice and favoured non-biological child Paul Golding, is set to announce his candidature for the European Elections, standing in direct competition to Griffin!

Golding was one of a number of young high flyers’ who quit the British National Party (BNP) after it went into meltdown after the 2010 elections. He also quit (before he could be sacked) his seat on Sevenoaks district council in Kent and his job editing the BNP’s monthly magazine, to join forces with Griffin’s former confidant and Consigliere, Jim Dowson to form the “commercial rival”, Britain First (BF)

Having tried to antagonise Griffin by forming (disastrous) alliances with both the English Defence League (EDL) and the English Democrats, for the last twelve months Golding and Dowson have concentrated on building Britain First up as a rival to the BNP.

Despite telling reporters just before Christmas that Britain First had no interest whatsoever in electoral politics, Dowson and Golding have now decided that they want to stand in the North West region next year, almost certainly dashing what little chance Griffin had of getting re-elected.

Britain First were meant to be announcing the news to their supporters on Monday, but we have now done it for them, thanks to one of our insiders.

This is apparently more than just a little bit more than just antagonism between Dowson and Griffin. Golding, who has “found” God recently, seriously believes that Britain First have a better chance of being elected than Griffin does of being re-elected.

Griffin will not be amused, so expect the Jewish community to get the blame for this, another potential disaster in the Nazi game of thrones.


Golding: Holding aloft an image of his new God, Jim Dowson

Golding: Holding aloft an image of his new God, Jim Dowson

Griffin: May as well go and eat worms

Griffin: May as well go and eat worms

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