Election Fever, well not really.

Today sees four local elections taking place with far-right candidates standing in Adeyfield West which is in Dacorum District Council, Gooshays in Havering London Borough Council and Junction and St Georges wards which are both Islington.

Simon Deacon Is the English Democrats candidate in Adeyfield. Deacon is a former BNP and National Front councillor who left the BNP in 2010 after describing Nick Griffin as a dictator. He is also a former member of the National Front. You can read some of his resignation rant here and about his election in 2007 here.

Gooshays is a ward where the BNP have won a council seat twice before in 2006 and 2008. Their candidate this time round is the repulsive Mick Braun. Braun has many reprehensible views that would get him kicked out of most decent political parties but this is the BNP so these sort of views result in promotion. You can read a lot more about Braun here.

The BNP have been putting a lot of effort into this ward over the last month with food kitchens, stalls, collecting postal votes and gathering support from the last dregs of the party in the capital. It is one of the few by-elections over the last year where they feel they have a chance of doing well.

Junction and St Georges are two neighbouring wards in Islington. The BNP candidate in St Georges is Walter Barfoot, an 80 year old former builder who told his local press that he “can’t campaign and I’m too old to be a councillor” and claimed labelled the Jewish community a “bunch of string-pullers and financiers” You can read the article here Barfoot has stood for council before and managed a last place with a mighty 22 votes.

Gary Townsend is the BNP candidate in the Junction Ward.