EDL to stage demo in Rotherham

Hundreds of English Defence League members are to stage a protest in South Yorkshire next month.

The far right extremists are planning to host a demonstration in Rotherham on Sunday, May 10, which 265 members have already signed up to on a Facebook page for the movement in Yorkshire.

Policing plans are being drawn up ahead of the event.

The cost of policing the last two EDL marches in Sheffield – one in the city centre last month and one at Sheffield Lane Top in September – amounted to £1,021,508.

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has asked the Home Secretary for a ‘Special Grant’ to cover the costs.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “South Yorkshire Police is aware of a planned demonstration by the English Defence League, which is due to take place on May 10, 2014.

“The force is in dialogue with members of the EDL about the demo, which is set to take place in the Rotherham area.

“South Yorkshire Police understands that a specific location have not been set but officers continue to speak with organisers to confirm where the demonstration will actually take place.

“Police and partner agencies have started conversations with local communities and businesses in Rotherham to discuss and address their concerns and adapt plans to ensure the disruption from any event is kept to a minimum.

“Officers do not have powers to ban such assemblies, but in line with previous, successful policing operations across the county, any demonstration will be policed balancing the rights of individuals to peaceful protest against those that are affected.”

Sheffield Star