Close Shave’s not so close secret Far Right connections

Close Shave are a band that has always been associated with the far right since their inception in 1986.

Close Shave member Paul (Dirk) also played for well known White Power bands English Rose and Razors Edge. They have released albums on nazi record labels such as Dim Records who also released stuff by well known nazi bands such as Celtic Warrior, Stormwatch, Voice Of Hate, Panzerknacker, Ultima Thule, Nordwind, The Jinx, Endstufe, Red White And Blue, Combat 84, Steel Capped Strength, Bulldog Breed and many many more.

With song titles such as “Give Us Back Our Rose”, “Scrounger”, “The British Land”, “SAS”, “All For England”, “Never Surrender”, “The Real Oi!”, “Kid Breeder”, and of the course their song which calls for the hanging of homosexuals in their song “Death Row”.

It would solve a lot of problems
If death was enforced here
It would put the shit up murderers, rapists and the queers
If death was made the sentence
Then sex crimes they may drop
The pervert would be no more
And that would be no loss

Death row, death row
Just four walls nowhere to go
Waiting for the day that you meet your maker
You’re in a cell on death row

An alternative to prison at the rate-payers loss
A noose around the neck or an electric shock
What gives a man a right to live
If he takes another’s life?
He’s killed once, he’ll kill again
So lets end this bastard’s life


Standing in a court room the verdict it is death
He killed an innocent person
Put a cord around his neck
It happens all the time on American city streets
Murders, rapes and muggings
Keep Britain free from this

Recently Close Shave have tried to clean up their image so they can try to play more gigs on the main Punk and Oi! scene. As a part of this new image they decided to drop the word “queer” from the song Death Row. Even without that word the song is still a very extremist right wing song. They still play this song in their live set to this day.

Like many other far right bands they try to hide the fact in public and go to great lengths to deny it but the proof is in the pudding as they are still writing right wing lyrics to their most recent songs.

They have played with many of the notorious White Power bands in Britain such as the gigs they did in 1989 – May 6th in Loughborough with Violent Storm, English Rose, Skullhead and Guttersnipe Army, May 13th in Consett with Skullhead, and another in Consett on October 28th with Skullhead and Brutal Attack. Not to mention a more recent gig with American boneheads Brassic.

They’ve also played support to Skrewdriver during Skrewdriver’s nazi period. In fact over the years Close Shave have play­ed with al­most every Nazi / RAC band doing the rounds. They even name check Skull­head on one of their Link Re­cords re­lea­ses.

close shave- wp flags

In 1993 Close Shave played a gig in Germany with nazi band Razors Edge and a few others. That gig was recently released on DVD. The cover shows white Skinheads attacking black people.


Close Shave still regularly play with extremist right wing bands and RAC bands.

Close shave gig 2013
Every year in Blackpool there’s a “secret” gig for fascist bands who aren’t welcome at the Rebellion festival. Close Shave is regularly part of that line-up. Not only does the band play, but it have they also played a part in organizing it.

Close Shave - Pontefract Gig 2014

Unfortunately many people seem to believe them when they lie through their arse and deny any association with the far right. We hope this blog will help those people to open their eyes and see Close Shave for what they really are!!!