Classy BNP celebrate another dead member

BNP: They love their members dead

BNP: They love their members dead

We’ve written before about the BNP’s obsession with their members dying. It neatly ties in with their obsession with other people’s money.

The few remaining members of the party’s membership are bombarded almost daily with requests that when they die, they leave their worldly goods to the party. Of course, we know it does not always work out well for them.

Now it turns out that one of their members died almost a year ago. It is the first we’ve heard, not just of his death, but also of the member in question.

Today the party has announced “with deep regret” the passing of Graeme Howard Malcolm. They’ve decided to announce his death because it seems he left the party some cash, and now, in death, he was some kind of wonderful patriot. I get the impression that he was of absolutely no use to them at all when he was alive.

According to the BNP, “There is a new trend for legacies to be left to the party.” Ah yes, of course he is more valuable to them dead.

Just how classy was today’s website story dealing the death of another “great” patriot?

Matthew Collins – Hope not Hate