C’est La Mort(gage)!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Mr Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon of the English Defence League is in big trubbs and make no mistake you cockernee geezers! Yes indeed today Bedfordshire Polis kindly announced that Mr Tommy, aged 30, currently residing at HMP Wandsworth, is being charged with 3 charges of conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud by false representation.

This means he is alleged to be involved with a group of people who tried to get cash out of a mortgage company using false information. Other members of this cabal of crims have been charged with false accounting, false representation, money laundering and transfer of criminal property. Oh, and what appears to be his brother-in-law, Stephen Vowles, is also being done for drugs, most notably for supplying cocaine, the EDL’s answer to Lemsip! Jings! All is not well in the land of the Lennon!

Mr Tommy is already on remand in Wandsworth prison on his own in the secure unit, or nonce’s wing, for his own protection. He is being charged with using false documentation to gain entry into the USA earlier this year to speak to some batty racists in New York. He could not resist boasting about this naturally and started showing off by posting incriminating photos of himself in the States and then in Italy. Which is lovely. Tommy watchers skritched their heids in puzzlement as last time he had tried to get into the States he had been arrested and sent home. So how the Crivvens did he manage to get in this time? Well, apparently with a false passport. He was arrested and remanded after him and his stupid EDL mates all got in the back of a van, dressed in their finest balaclavas and latex gloves, and were apprehended by plod, apparently having been ‘grassed up’ by a disgruntled EDLer in the know. All the other eejits were bailed without being charged unlike Mr Tommy who was charged with assaulting some Islamic extremist berk, for not surrendering his passport and then for illegally getting into the States.

Porridge is nothing new to Mr Tommy’s palate and he has previously served a twelve months prison sentence for assaulting his partner, Jenna Vowles, who was also cautioned for possession of cocaine (what is it with those Vowles’?). He was done for football hooliganism, arrested at Tower Hamlets for breaching bail, done for head-butting a soldier in Blackburn, is on remand for passport fraud and now these new charges have arisen. It is unlikely that he will be released until mid-next year and that is only if he wins the court case in May. He has got charges queuing up like OAPs on pension day!

In his last video he ranted and raved that people were betraying him, his wife had left him and that he was also being done for tax evasion. We have just found out the tanning salon he owns is in financial difficulties and a quick investigation revealed that ‘The Company Accounts are DORMANT,’ the accounts are ‘overdue as of 28 Nov 2012’ and that Sarah and Jenna Vowles (Lennon’s wife) are Company Secretary and Director. There were changes of particulars for director was on 14/4/11 but it is unclear if Lennon was previously director rather than ‘owner.’ The company appears to be going into liquidation.

One of the main reasons for the EDL Infidel splinter groups was the suspicion over where the money raised from supporters was going. Tommy had sold a lot of hoodies, t-shirts and face-masks but none of it was accounted for. The EDL does not appear to have kept any details about the money from merchandise and although Hel Gower and Pam Gellar reckon they own the brand, no accounts have ever been discussed. Nor was the money that was raised for ‘political prisoner’ Richard Price accounted for as he was dropped by the EDL shortly after it was revealed he was being done for child porn and drugs. Nor was the money accounted for that was raised for Jon Snowy Shaw after his arrest bugling about on a roof somewhere. So we assume the tax chap may want to look into that too!

Despite claims by the EDL that Mr Tommy is a ‘political prisoner’ he is not being held for any reason apart from continuous dishonesty of one sort or another. He is a career criminal who has flouted the law and is now, sadly, paying the price (though not Richard Price obviously). Be Seeing You!

Thanks to Malatesta