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Singing lady could be sent back to Jamaica

ONE of Sheffield’s best-known characters is today in detention facing deportation. Gwendolyn Roomes – who is renowned for singing hymns on Fargate in Sheffield city centre – is being held as she faces extradition back to Jamaica. The move has…

A message to UK Fightback

This is the reason why your posts didn’t get posted in time. I took the grab at dinner time yesterday.

American Renaissance Conference 2012

In 2010 Nick Griffin was scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers at the Amren Conference but a concerted effort on both sides of the Atlantic managed to get it cancelled. Last year the conference was due to take…

Amren 2012 Conference

March 16th through March 18th, 2012 the Montgomery Bell Park Inn will be hosting a major annual conference of white supremacists. Jared Taylor, the man behind the 10th American Renaissance Conference is well known by many human rights groups such…