Carroll claims ‘skulduggery’ saw him arrested with EDL members

A Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidate claims ‘skulduggery’ from the Government led to his arrest along with more than 50 members of the English Defence League (EDL).

Kevin Carroll, who is representing the British Freedom Party (BFP) was held by police only hours after he submitted his official nomination last month.

The controversial candidate is who still an active member of the EDL blasted Whitehall saying it was ‘no coincidence’ he was arrested.

He said: “The people of Bedfordshire are not gullible – this is 2012 not 1960. All but one of the candidates I’m running against have bosses in Westminster to please but who have I got to answer to other than the voters?

“It’s no coincidence I was arrested after I submitted my £5,000 to stand. It’s obvious skulduggery and they don’t want me to run for the PCC role. It’s their ball and they don’t like me playing with it.”

The Home Office confirmed that if Mr Carroll was both elected and convicted of the imprisonable offence – conspiracy to cause a public nuisance – there would need to be another election.

Bedfordshire on Sunday