Bowled over

A few days ago Duncan Cahill wrote an interesting piece for Hope not Hate about the upcoming Tommy Robinson shindig at Bowlers in Manchester. You can read the article here

In the wake of that article and a few other articles it was announced that little Tommy would be moving his book launch somewhere else. Now being a bit cynical and having watched the little scams and stunts various bods within the far-right have pulled over the years, I thought I’d have a closer look.

I’ve worked in event management, venue management and stage management over the years. It’s not something I do these days but I know the lingo and still dread left handed drummers.

Anyway earlier today I checking in on little Tommy and his various social media accounts and saw he was still selling tickets.

A company called Ticket Superstore are selling the tickets. They are not a company I’ve heard of but I’ve been out of that game for a while and things come and go.

As I’ve already said, I am cynical at the best of times and something about this entire set up hasn’t felt right to me since the event was cancelled.

The first thing I looked at was the Whois info on the website. Whois for those that don’t know, shows who registered a website, when and where. It’s not in any way hacking and there are loads of websites that list the info. is owned by a Mark Lambert of Sidewinder Events.

Well look at that thought the deeply cynical part of what passes for a brain in my head. I wonder if that could possibly be the same Mark Lambert mentioned in the Hope not Hate article from last week.

Another useful resource for people doing bits of research is Companies House I use the Beta version but again there are many other websites where you can get the info for free if you know the name or Director number.

Mark Lambert is listed as a director for both BEC Events LTD and Sidewinder Events and he registered the ticketing website on 23/1/10.

Of course this could be a massive oversight and Mark doesn’t know he is still selling tickets and profiteering on the back of the booking fee or I can mention my cynicism again.

Tommy updated his adoring fans with the news that people shouldn’t change their hotel booking as his new venue is close to Bowlers.

Funny that innit.