BNP humiliated in Manchester polls

The British National Party was humiliated in Manchester yesterday. They polled just 2.9% in the Manchester Central parliamentary by-election and an even poorer 1.8% in Ardwick ward council by-election.

This is a real embarrassment for Nick Griffin as he was hoping for a more respectable results given that Manchester has one of their few functioning branches.

I would like to thank all the HOPE not hate supporters who between them handed out over 16,000 leaflets in the ward. A special. Thanks must go to Jason and Pete for their sterling efforts.

All eyes now turn to the Rotherham parliamentary by-election, which will be held on 29 November. As well as the BNP, there are candidates from the English Democrats and UKIP. There is also an EDL organiser standing though he left his party affiliation blank. Conveniently.

We have a Day of Action in Rotherham tomorrow so I would encourage any of our supporters in South Yorkshire to give us a hand. We have produced 20,000 copies of a tabloid newspaper which I think will really do the job.

To get involved in the Rotherham campaign please contact Paul, at

Nick Lowles – Hope not Hate