This is a statement from the Atomwaffen Division in regards to recent events concerning members of the Florida chapter and the race traitor Devon Arthurs. By now, you’ve heard the bullshit media stories, the “speculations”, the stupid internet comments. Most of them ranging from the completely retarded to the absolutely absurd. So, the purpose of this statement is to give the FACTS of what happened in Tampa. FACTS that you likely will not have reported to you by the media.

– Brandon and Devon had known each other for a time. (a few years)

– Brandon and Devon lived together.

– Brandon helped form the Atomwaffen Division. Devon joins.

– Devon later became involved with Islam and self-converted.

– Devon became more radicalized over time, this probably accelerated by the fact that he was disclosed as a race traitor and alienated by other members of the Atomwaffen Division for adopting a racially alien ideology.

– Brandon doesn’t want to abandon his friend of years, thus he remains Devon’s friend, roommate, and his involvement with Atomwaffen Division continues.

– Andrew and Jeremy, for reasons inconceivable to the rest of Atomwaffen Division, decide to move in with Brandon and Devon (probably due to reassurance from Brandon and their friendship with him, and them not knowing the extent of Devon’s Islamic fuckery).

– Devon finally shows his true colors as a race traitor and a true Islamic believer and murders both Andrew and Jeremy in cold blood when the two discover that Devon had plans to murder certain members of the Atomwaffen Division. Yes, Devon had plans to kill other members of the Atomwaffen Division as well.  His plan being exposed by Andrew and Jeremy lead to Devon panicking and forced him to prematurely carry out his treasonous plans. Other ways of carrying out these plans included Devon attending a planned summer visit to the firing range with his “comrades” in Atomwaffen Division and subsequently turning the guns on them, as well as blowing up a planned meeting of Atomwaffen Division members in Detroit later this year. Andrew and Jeremy found out about this, tried to sit him down as a friend and confront him about it, and were murdered because of it when Devon panicked.

Atomwaffen Division has several hundred members and is based on local chapters (hence “Join your local Nazis!” on the flyers), meaning that each chapter tends to keep to itself without a central leadership. As you can see, certain members of the Florida chapter exercised a seriously poor judgment when they tolerated the presence of not only a muslim, whose Islamic ideas are completely to the contrary of our own, but an unhinged psychopath who took the lives of two people that he himself had once called his friends. And now the motherfucker in question, Devon Arthurs, is currently in police custody and is telling lies about Brandon, and the Atomwaffen Division in general. Brandon is now in federal custody and as of yet cannot say a word to defend himself while the media speculates and distorts the facts per usual.

As for there being other muslims in the Atomwaffen Division, that’s not the case. The only “muslims” that happened to be in Atomwaffen Division were whatever idiots that Devon happened to manipulate with his Islamic bullshit and sympathized with him (e.g. he even “converted” one of said idiots over a gaming session of MINECRAFT…). You see, Devon was quite a manipulative individual and managed to pull the wool over the eyes of some of the more gullible members. The more important members all wanted Devon OUT but he remained due to Brandon’s good (and unfortunately naive) nature and him not wanting to abandon his friend. Devon’s ass-licking, nut-swinging “muslim” sympathizers have been thoroughly purged and Atomwaffen Division has a zero-tolerance policy for muslims, considering that Islam is completely contrary to even the most fundamental ideas of the Atomwaffen Division.

As far as Brandon’s “plans” to carry out “terrorist attacks”… to the knowledge of the rest of the Atomwaffen Division, there were NONE. None whatsoever. Brandon is a science geek, in fact a Nuclear Physics student and at one point a STEM major before he joined the National Guard, and there are various videos of him doing science experiments floating around on YouTube that can demonstrate this ( , ). That could explain the presence of the “explosive materials” found in the apartment. Andrew and Jeremy sure as hell had no plans to do anything like this either, knowing them like we did (and we knew them well). Devon, on the other hand… well, judging from his actions, we wouldn’t put it past him that he would be involved in something like that, unbeknownst to us. Considering that he had plans to blow us the fuck up, the “bomb-making materials” likely belonged to him. Now, while Brandon is muffled in federal custody, the lying race traitor Devon Arthurs is trying to spin what happened as if his killing of Jeremy and Andrew was done to ” to prevent domestic terror attacks”. The same scumbag who openly supports ISIS and held hostages in a smokeshop after killing two of his “friends” is now, as he says, “trying to prevent domestic terror attacks”. I guess the reality of the situation has finally kicked in, hasn’t it, Devon? You know that you are completely and utterly FINISHED and now you’ll say anything to get out of the shit hole that you’ve dug for yourself. We’ll see how well that works for you.

No, the Atomwaffen Division has no plans at all to “carry out domestic terror attacks”. That was never part of our agenda. The fact of the matter is that this society that we live in is L-O-S-T, it is already collapsing and falling apart as we speak, and the Atomwaffen Division will not and does not have to do SHIT to aid this imminent collapse. What Atomwaffen Division does is to spread OUR ideas and to gather ourselves in brotherhood, like a fraternity of a National Socialist sort, so that we can survive and be around to rebuild a society based on our healthy ideals when the degenerate society in which we are currently prisoners collapses under the weight of its own bullshit.

Naturally, we see the usual dumb-assed comments from the lemmings, the “normies”, the brainwashed sheeple, who think they have some concept about our beliefs, our worldview, our individual personalities, and so forth. Some of them going so far as to praise the deaths of Andrew and Jeremy, who are not only HEROES, but our comrades, our friends, and shining examples of European men. A sign of the times we live in, when people of the same European race praises the deaths of members of their own folk for defending their race and heritage (a.k.a. being a “neo-Nazi”)! We look upon these comments not only with disgust, but also a sardonic smile. You untermenschen are only a further inspiration to our organization. You’ll be the first ones that Mother Nature culls and removes from the gene pool when the pendulum swings the other way and She reclaims what is Hers. You will be forgotten when we rebuild.

On the other hand, we have also received numerous messages of support for which we are very grateful. Thank you. Particularly, thank you to and the Daily Stormer for standing by us through this clusterfuck of a situation.

We stand by and support our comrade Brandon in his legal battle. Rest in peace, Andrew Oneschuk and Jeremy Himmelman. You will be remembered as heroes of our race.

We press on. Hail victory!

– Atomwaffen Division