Arthur Kemp: The Struggle Continues…

Pour yourself a drink, get yourself comfortable and open a bag of toffees. This is going to be a long haul…

The old hands among you will remember one Arthur Kemp; late of the BNP. For those new to this particular field of study, I present a potted history…

Arthur Kemp is a Zimbabwean (I only drop that one in because, like so many of his ilk he’ll hate it). He arrived in Britain in 1996 from South Africa – an immigrant (there being some ironies that never go stale) – with something of a shadow over his Southern African past…

Linked to the murderers of South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani, Kemp had, at one point, been arrested before ultimately changing camps and appearing on behalf of the prosecution.

Aside from a career within the South African (Apartheid-era) security forces, Kemp had also worked for the white supremacist “South African Conservative Party” before packing his suitcase (hurriedly, according to many) and seeking pastures new…

It is, of course, notable that Nick Griffin’s BNP liberally welcomes migrants with open arms. Just so long as they’re the right colour. Italian terrorism suspect Roberto Fiore and Holocaust denier Bruno Gollnisch, alongside (down the years) any number of assorted racists, Hitlerian fruitcakes, neo Nazis and wannabe Klansmen, have all found a warm welcome from the generous Mr Griffin.

And so it was for the newly-arrived Arthur Kemp.

(I dunno… Bloody forrin racists. Comin’ over ‘ere. Takin’ jobs an’ ‘ouses off good, honest, ‘ardworkin’ British racists…)

So. Taken in as a valued member of Griffin’s rainbow nation, Arthur Kemp set about making himself useful. From working in Publicity and on the Party Website to running the BNP’s tatty, overpriced “marketing organisation” – “Excalibur” – Kemp’s rise through the ranks was swift and assured. He became a popular (if interminable) speaker at branch meetings and further cemented his position as self-styled intellectual of the Ultra-Right by self-publishing his four volume “History of the White Race”, “March of the Titans”…

Indulge me for a moment… I’m a big fan of this epic…

The book (in an earlier edition) can easily be found online as a PDF. You can read it for yourself. Don’t expect to actually learn anything, but you can at least enjoy his tangled logic and tortured English.

But where to begin? I’ll start with a quote from an email by Dr **** ******. Cursed from an early age with the handicap of having asterisks where his/her name should be, **** nonetheless overcame this cruel disability to become a geneticist at the University of Leicester. Last year I sent **** an online link to the Third Edition…

“Could you please send me some details of the Author? I imagine there are … people who take this seriously… Please find attached 13 errors I found in the first chapter. There are more but I stopped noting them after 13… Has he ever even read … a book on Genetics?”

A sumptuous production, generously illustrated (with, ironically, many images to which Kemp owns no copyright – of which, more later…) and spread over a quartet of volumes; “March of the Titans” has been parting fools from their money, courtesy of Kemps own publishing house, “Ostara Publications” for more than a decade: Preaching to the converted with its powerful, (if generally agreed – by those who actually know about such things – to be highly inaccurate), blend of history, fantasy, wishful thinking, Holocaust denial and white supremacy, “March of the Titans” is Kemp’s “calling card”, if you like – his entree to the higher (lower?) echelons of international racism.

Which is where I imagine he would like to be now that his tenure at the BNP has, inevitably (as soon as anyone started whispering his name as potential “Leadership Material”, that is…), come to an end.

(I should, at this juncture, be at pains to reinforce the fact that the work is entitled “March of the Titans”, and it’s rubbish. Not, repeat not, to be confused with “Clash of the Titans” – the Ray Harryhausen version – which is utterly brill’ and has all monsters and fighting and Laurence Olivier and a robot owl and Judi Bowker having a bath and everything.)

So that, in a nutshell (“case”?) is Arthur Kemp. White supremacist, migrant worker, racist, self-styled intellectual and onetime alleged terrorist.

Anything else?

Oh yes. Cowardly liar.

I’m sure you’ll know this photograph.

We call it Arthur Kemp: The Official Portrait. With his horrible tee shirt and Stetson combo’, the only thing less appealing than the man himself is the Nazi Eagle placed nonchalantly to his right.

That’s right. The Nazi Eagle.

The thing is; Arthur Kemp has become rather shy about this picture of late. One might almost describe his behaviour as positively skittish…

First of all, he started a campaign against any site hosting the image of claiming to own the copyright on the picture.

You can read more of Kemp’s Takedown fixation here:

He instigated the issuing of Takedown Notices, claiming the picture to be a mock-up. He even went so far as to concoct an amusing backstory concerning how the mock-up came into existence, backed up by a suitably iffy (perhaps even faked…) Facebook conversation between himself and “Dave Otto” – the supposed merry wag behind the playful forgery…

Read Kemp’s own (unlikely) version of events here:

A small note on that.

The picture is not a forgery.

According to the expert to whom we submitted the image for analysis – a leading CGI Compositor, computer expert and all-round expert in all forms of digital fakery with an impressive list of TV and Film credits – it’s real.

“Pixel size, distribution, scaling and warp are a perfect match. Shadow lines and all tonal values also match perfectly. This is a scan of a photographic original and I can find no evidence at all that it has been altered in any way.”

Pretty conclusive.

Besides which, in his attempt to lie about the picture’s provenance, Kemp blows his spurious claim to its copyright out of the water: If, as he attests, the picture were “created” by one Dave Otto”, then it is he with whom any copyright would reside…


Our fallback position, meanwhile, has been to prepare for the worst and have a standby image ready, should the heavens fall, pigs fly, and Kemp successful prove a copyright claim and have the picture taken down.

Some time ago, this Blog published a post entitled “Great Big Nazi Liar”, about this business of Kemp claiming that A) He owns the picture (we find that unlikely) and B) It’s a forgery anyway (it is not).

Arthur wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy at all, in fact. He issued one of his now customary complaints against us, claiming that:

“The blog entry is defamatory and libellous. It accuses me of being a “Nazi” and a “liar,” and contains several photoshopped images of myself set against pictures of Hitler and shaven headed men.”

So far, so true. These are the pictures. We used them in the original post – clearly labelled “Photoshopped” in order to compare and contrast with a certain “Not-Photoshopped” image…

provenance, and as an open white supremacist and onetime member of the South African Conservative Party, “Nazi” would seem pretty accurate too.

And Arthur goes on. Does he ever…

“An individual is defamed when a person publishes to a third party words or matter containing an untrue imputation against his or her reputation. ”

The problem is, with Defamation, it’s very difficult to call it such if it happens to be true.

I call Arthur Kemp a Liar.

He has lied about a photograph being forged, when it was not.

I call him a Coward.

A Coward is “A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.”

While it may be unpleasant for Kemp to admit the truth of his own past, he ought at least to have the courage to own up to such things…

I expect that Arthur Kemp will, once again, attempt to have this post removed.

Given that “someone” (and we have no suspicion at all as to who that may be…) seems to spend much of their time editing Kemp’s Wikipedia entry to keep it as anodyne as possible (Thora Hird’s is probably raunchier), I can only guess at his reaction to this page going further and further up the Google Rankings as the web optimisation kicks in.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll want to see us in court.

Arthur Kemp would merely have to produce the original photograph and allow it to be subjected to a proper analysis, and bingo! He’s made us look like vindictive idiots and won a famous victory for the Far Right.

But, somehow, I doubt it…