And he calls that a delegate pack?

As the Andrew Brons camp look set to announce their new fascist party, Nick Griffin is trying to put a positive spin on the BNP conference which is being held in Blackpool this weekend.

Griffin is claiming that it is going to be bigger and better than last year and that there is going to be some very exciting news announced.

While that “exciting” news might be actually made by the Brons camp, Griffin is promoting the pack the few delegates turning up will receive. They might well be disappointed though, as the pack seems it is simply a sample of recent leaflets and a couple of tacky items from the merchandise rack. Hardly the stuff worthy of Britain’s fourth largest political as Griffin still likes to boast.

Let’s hope, for Griffin’s sake, that his delegates don’t go home with material from supporters of the new party as it seems they will be in Blackpool too.

Nick Lowles – Hope not Hate