A new day and another party

I think I’ve got a reasonable grasp of the various far-right groupings and parties in the UK far-right. If I don’t have the info myself I know a a few people who are usually pretty spot on with their analysis about what’s going on, where the splits are happening and the likely fallout.

In the last few weeks we have seen the launch of the British Democratic Party (BDP) who should never be referred to as the BDP as it sounds like the BNP.

The attempted takeover of the EDL by the various factions of the Infidels and Casuals Untied.

The hilarious election result of Michael Walters of the English Democrats in the Eastleigh by-election.

The disappearance of Combined ex Parcel Forces ( head nod to Malatesta ) who appear to be on a special ops mission involving not being allowed near their computers is a much missed part of my online life but the most mighty, most important political party launch is about to happen in the next few days.

The upcoming launch of Paul Westons new political party is a momentous occasion even in the field of vanity politics. Liberty GB have just been registered on the Electoral Commission website and are good to go.

Lib GB

The Twitter account is ready to go and already asking for donations.

lib twitter

And the logo is a master class in clean unstated lines said a graphic designer taking the piss whilst noting that it’s a crap font with GB stuck at the end. She also pointed out the LGB as an acronym has a very different meaning for those of us involved in anti-fascism.

lib logo

So the people behind the party, who are they?

Well first of all we have Paul Weston.

A man with the perpetual facial expression of somebody confused by the buttons on a two floor lift trying to figure out which floor he is on. A man who staged a one man protest over the arrest and remanding of Stephen Yaxley Lennon last year. Unfortunately his protest wasn’t as successful as he hoped as he went to the wrong prison
He is the former leader of the British Freedom Party, the laughable political wing of the EDL but in the last few months he has acknowledged that having a group of pissed up football hooligans kicking off at all and sundry wasn’t a good look politically.

This is his response.