Rob Alan Likes ISD Records, Blackout Band and 122 others Listens to Blackout Band 62 followers David William Peter Kirby University of Oi Likes ISD Records, Descended from Odin and 450 others Worked at The White Race Studied at University…

Skrewdriver in 1988 Credit: David Browne/REX/Shutterstock

How Britain’s Nazi punk bands became a gateway drug for US white supremacy

On Sunday August 13, Charlottesville restaurateur Brian Ashworth watched nervously as six suspected far-Right sympathisers loitered outside his Ace Biscuit & Barbecue establishment having just eaten inside. Although cordial enough during their meal, Ashworth remained concerned about the group; the…

Blackmail: Setting the record straight

I’ve had a rough week. No, it’s not what you think. It’s not because the liberal media is criticizing us for being too right wing. That happens all the time. I love that, I get a kick out of it….

Bowled over

Bowled over

A few days ago Duncan Cahill wrote an interesting piece for Hope not Hate about the upcoming Tommy Robinson shindig at Bowlers in Manchester. You can read the article here In the wake of that article and a few other…

A 2016 protest in Bolton by National Action, a now proscribed neo-Nazi group

Muslims at risk from neo-Nazi plots

About 40 neo-Nazis are being investigated by police amid fears that they are plotting terrorist attacks against Muslims around the country. The extremists are understood to be operating in “far-right hotspots” predominantly in Yorkshire, including Leeds, Dewsbury and Batley, according…